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iButton Typer S 55.90 €
iButton Serial Typer
This new family of iButtonLink products is centered around the idea of creating an easier, faster, and more reliable way to input data from iButtons®.

Each member of the Typer™ family works with specific kinds of iButtons® and performs different tasks. However, they also share some common features, including:

  • Water-resistant Technomelt molded body
  • Maxim touch read head
  • Three LEDs along the side to indicate status
  • Customizable print options
  • Available in HID and Serial modes
  • Detachable micro-USB cable (sold separately)

iButton Serial Typer
The iButton® Serial Typer™ is part of the brand new iButton® Typer™ family, specially programmed to input the serial numbers of Maxim iButtons® into an open word processing program. Compact and water resistant, this durable device is great for front desk registration and fleet driver ID, or any application that requires the entry of iButton® serial numbers.

Simply plug the iButton® Serial Typer™ into a USB port on your computer, open a word processing program, and hold the iButton® on the read head. There are no drivers that need to be installed, no set-up, and no product registration. The iButton® Serial Typer™ will input the serial number of the iButton® held on the read head where the cursor is placed in an open word processing program in the font style and size specified in the document. You can use your choice of word processing program: Word®, Excel®, Notepad, and more.

Our engineers can program the iButton® Serial Typer™ to print a custom 32-character string in front of or behind the iButton® serial number, making the Serial Typer™ customizable to any application.

Don't use a QWERTY keyboard layout? Don't worry, because our engineers can also program the iButton® Typer™ to input the serial number in AZERTY as well.

Three LEDs line the side of the Technomelt-molded body and let you know the status of both the iButton® Typer™ and the iButton® on the read head. Red indicates that the device is powered. Yellow indicates that the device is recognized by the computer. Green indicates that the device has recognized the iButton®.

The iButton® Typer™ uses a micro-USB cable to connect to any computer running Windows or Linux. Please note, the iButton Typer will ship without micro-USB cable.

Upon request, the iButton® Serial Typer™ is also available in Serial mode.

More iButton Typers also available upon request:

  • iButton® Alarm Typer - Reads the alarm flag of Thermo- and Hygrochron iButtons
  • iButton® Log Typer™ - Reads the temperature and humidity log of Thermo- and Hygrochron iButtons
  • iButton® Memory Typer™ - Reads the data memory of Memory iButtons (DS197X, DS199X etc.)

iButton Typer S
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