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1-Wire, iButton and other Sensing Solutions

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1-Wire and iButton

The 1-Wire and iButton products combine the single-contact 1-Wire serial interface with nonvolatile memory, mixed-signal, and secure authentication functions into products that serve a broad range of applications. 1-Wire products are manufactured in traditional IC packaging. iButton products are available in a unique, robust stainless steel package.


New: MF1922L


Regarding the protection class, the MF1922L is an improved version of the DS1922L Temperature Logger iButton. The MF1922L provides effective protection against surface moisture, various chemicals and is suited for continuous immersion. The protection class complies with IPX8 according to DIN EN 60529.

To improve the protection class of the iButton it is covered by a rugged and permanent resin coating. Top and bottom provide a notch to enable electrical contact to the iButton. A bracket with mounting hole to mount the unit to an object is also provided.

The permanent resin coating imparts the advantage of the small size of the iButton, however the short thermal response time of an unprotected iButton remains. With suitable accessories the iButton can be comfortably and easily read and programmed even under wet conditions. Compared to the protective encapsulation, the intricate and error prone procedure to place the iButton into the encapsulation and remove it again has been eliminated.

The material employed is an extremely durable and chemical inert resin. This allows an effective protection for the total life span and temperature range of the iButton.

For additional information regarding the protection class, please refer to the application note of this product. Technical information can be found on the DS1922L-F5 iButton Temperature Logger data sheet.

  • Outdoor Temperature Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Soil Temperature
  • Temperature Monitoring in Liquids
  • Research & Development

Examples of Accessories
  • DS9490R - USB to 1-Wire Adapter
  • MF1402 - Reader Unit for MF-series iButtons

Technical Drawing
MF1922L MF1922L 

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