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1-Wire, iButton and other Sensing Solutions

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1-Wire and iButton

The 1-Wire and iButton products combine the single-contact 1-Wire serial interface with nonvolatile memory, mixed-signal, and secure authentication functions into products that serve a broad range of applications. 1-Wire products are manufactured in traditional IC packaging. iButton products are available in a unique, robust stainless steel package.




The intuitive design of the MeshNet(TM) Wireless Sensor System makes setting up a robust wireless sensor network fast and pain free. The wireless sensor system uses the universally accepted 2.4 GHz radio frequency. The MeshNet Sensor System has dedicated sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, visible light, and barometric pressure with additional devices in development.

Key MeshNet Features:

Robust Wireless Communication
  • Each Sensor (Node) has both the capability to transmit and receive data packets. This enables sensors to confirm the reception of data transmission. If confirmations are not received additional transmissions are made.
  • Repeaters can be added to the wireless networks to create a mesh network topology. In this topology the repeaters receive and retransmit a data packet which in essence expands the wireless network and provides additional routes for the sensor data to reach the MeshNet Controller.
  • All MeshNet devices report the strength of the transmissions they receive, allowing areas which may be susceptible to interference to be identified and addressed proactively (e.g. adding repeaters).

Plug-N-Play installation
  • Connecting a MeshNet sensor or repeater a wireless network is easily achieved. Merely plug the Linking Cable into the sensor/repeater and the controller wait for the LED stop flashing.

Global Acceptance
  • All MeshNet controllers have the capability to deliver sensor data across the world. Each is equipped with an Ethernet port capable and being polled and delivering data via HTTP Post to a specified URL. The 2.4 GHz frequency is utilized in the MeshNet product line due to its widespread acceptance.
  • Meets FCC, Industry Canada and CE Marking Standards.

Low Power consumption
  • Sensors have user selectable parameters (ex. transmission rate, sensor read rate, alarm thresholds) allowing battery life to be maximized per the application requirements.
  • Switching relays only require power for changing the states.

Alarm Management
  • Sensors are programmable and will respond to alarm parameters independently.

MeshNet Controller
The MeshNet Controller MN-CTRL-H is the gateway between the proprietary MeshNet Wireless Sensor network and the outside world. The MeshNet Controller provides the means to viewing data in real time, configuring Wireless sensors, and a variety of administrative functions. Up to 35 wireless devices can be connected to a MeshNet controller's wireless network and coexisting MeshNet Networks are supported. The MeshNet Controller also provides simple structures for integrating the MeshNet Wireless System into 3rd party monitoring and control applications using SNMP, SNMP Traps, HTTP or HTTP Post. More details for software developers are available in the User Manual.

  • Communication Hub MeshNet Wireless System
  • Supports HTTP, HTTP Post, SNMP & SNMP Trap protocols
  • Globally unique 64-Bit serial number
  • Plug-N-Play installation
  • User configurable parameters
  • Proxy server support
  • Real Time Graphing & Logging through web interface
  • Robust Communication protocol
  • Universally accepted 2.4Ghz radio frequency
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Support up to 35 nodes (Sensors/Repeaters)
  • Complies with FCC, Industry Canada and CE Marking requirements
  • Diagnostic Trasmission Data

Web Interface
The web interface also provides a straightforward method for configuring MeshNet hardware and a graphing interface which allows for the easy monitoring of sensor data in real-time. Individual sensor pages allow for up to 3 parameters to be displayed for any one sensor. The overview pages allow all sensors reporting a selected parameter to be graphed together. Graphing data can then be easily exported for more in depth analysis with the click of the Download button.

Linking Sensors and Repeaters
Each MeshNet repeater and sensor (nodes) requires a physical connection to the Controller in the initial setup (linking). The linking process allows the node and controller to exchange necessary information for joining the unique Wireless network which also enables multiple MeshNet wireless networks to coexist. Nodes can switch MeshNet wireless networks through repeating the linking process with the new wireless network's controller. The Plug-n-Play linking process is completed by following the simple steps below:

  • Take the supplied 3.5mm linking cable and attach it to the MeshNet Controller.
  • Attach the remaining 3.5mm plug and attach it to the MeshNet Repeater/Sensor.
  • Apply Power to the Controller followed by the Repeater/Sensor.
  • Wait for the LED to quit blinking. (It will take approximately 5 seconds.)
  • Disconnect the linking cable from the Repeater/Sensor and Controller

Operating Temperature0 - 70 °C
Operating Humidity0 - 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Storing Humidity0 - 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Frequency Range2.405 - 2.475 GHz
Sensitivity-102 dBm (typical)
Output Power+20 dBm
Transmission RangeUp to 1200 m (under good conditions)
Supply Voltage4.5 - 5.5 Volts DC
Active Current270 mA
Enclosure Dimensions (LxWxH)105 x 57 x 41 mm
Network ProtocolsHTTP, HTTP Post, SNMP, SNMP Traps, TCP Socket, Multicast, DHCP

The MN-CTRL-H ships WITHOUT power supply.

Sample Programs
Click here to download sample programs/code for C#, Python and Java.

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