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1-Wire, iButton and other Sensing Solutions

Welcome to Fuchs Elektronik, supplier of 1-Wire, iButton and other sensing/control products. Please contact us if you prefer to place your order by fax or email.

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1-Wire and iButton

The 1-Wire and iButton products combine the single-contact 1-Wire serial interface with nonvolatile memory, mixed-signal, and secure authentication functions into products that serve a broad range of applications. 1-Wire products are manufactured in traditional IC packaging. iButton products are available in a unique, robust stainless steel package.


New: DG9092L2-M12-RFID


This RFID reader reads-out the popular RFID tags that works in UNIQUE standard with 125kHz frequency (Manchester coding). Each tag has its own unique identification number.

Reader reacts to the following 1-wire commands:
  • 33h (Read Rom)
  • F0h (Search Rom)

Possibility to communicate between many devices on single 1-Wire bus. Works also with LinkLocators to identify readers.

Power supply9-32 Volts
Electricity consumptionmax. 40mA (without LED)
Supported tagsRFID UNIQUE 125kHz
Max range2 cm
Bicolor LEDGreen/Red
Electricity consump. LED20mA per color

YellowPower supply (9-32 volts)
GreenCathode Green LED
BrownCathode Red LED
White1-Wire Data

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